Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, just one more then.

Blogging silence hereby rescinded for a small report on my surreal life in the world of news broadcasting.
Yesterday morning I show up for work, 3(gulp)45 in the am, take myself and my security card to those infamous slide-open London Underground style doors, and swipe the card.
Swipe again.
Try the other one.
Walk back to the security desk. Of course there is NOONE around. Look down hall to huge gaping building, there is one janitor mopping an elevator.
I go back to the security doors and swipety swipe, STILL nothing.
I walk back and forth for a moment, imagining of course the pending doom when 4.15am production meeting comes and I am not upstairs. I wander back to the security desk.
SUDDENLY, the handicapped door swings open.
I swiped nothing, no one arrived, the door just opened.
There was a significant moment as I raced towards it, imagining it would close before I got there and inside.

All these years and here I thought Kafka was writing fiction.

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