Saturday, February 16, 2008

to blog or not to blog.

I tend to vacillate between "Blogging? BALLS to that" and "Blogging? Why not, lunch is over and the kettle has yet to boil for tea".

Went to Paris, went to Angouleme.
The latter went SWIMMINGLY.
Made back all my costs from the festival proper, and sold more books than at MoCCA NY and TCAF COMBINED. Most importantly though, people seemed SO interested. So much discussion, so many questions, so much engaging, my head must have grown three to five times bigger than it already is.
With my abominable french grammar, it's a wonder I didn't come back married, murdered, or contracted into questionable activity involving the mafia. But I seem to have made it okay, and hopefully have not misrepresented my project in attempting to blunder my way through french explanations.

Now, of course, it's draw, draw, DRAW, as TeaTime will be launching in June, along with an accompanying interview/article about the project (unless something horrid and unforeseen happens) in Rue Morgue magazine. WOOOO.

And somehow to get through the February blues.
And...well, that's all really...

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