Friday, September 12, 2008

a new human being.

So there has been radio silence, it is true. I've been drawing and drawing, and visiting Montreal, and drawing some more, and sorting and thinking, and strategizing my life.
I haven't come up with much.
BUT. I did realize that it has been 7 years, officially, to the day (yesterday, that is, Sept 11) that I arrived back home from my Aus-Asiatic tour.
I am a New Human Being. Skin, cells, and all.
That day, seven years ago, i made a decision (in as many words) not to leave the country for any extended period of time until I had found myself a livelihood I felt proud of (read: no more waitressing). And 'til I had somehow started making my own book(s), of some sort.
And so here I am, seven years later, doing clever things with computers to make books and magazines. So for the most part, kudos to me. Although this morning I encountered the mailbot (in my other job that must not be named) beeping forlornly as it butted up against a locked door. I sniggered as I squished by, but as the kettle began to boil in the lunch room I relented. It just sounded so defeated out there in the hallway.
So yes. A bit more balance would be nice, or commitment, perhaps, which we know I'm such an expert at, but all in all, I have made some progress, a blessed seven years later.
And I'm just finishing up my sixth little book, self-published as they may be. With two grants under the belt and storyboards evolving for part 6 of The Details (my seventh book, should we wish to include the little seen One-Night Stands), I'm feeling not too shabby this morning. Or at least in line with my goals.

All this said, it comes with a niggling need for change, which has me pondering some new seven-year plans, and a new blog to boot. I have not yet decided the name of it, but am hoping one will come in the next few weeks, for after I send Teatime 2 to the printers, I shall begin anew.
Check back here for details, but, 'til then, tea and symphonies i think i bid you fond adieu. An enjoyable chapter, but onwards!

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Unknown said...

stef! how wonderful. Congratulations you. I think that's really amazing. you're a wonder. love coco xoxo