Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the financial district.

Having now been in this vicinity daily for almost a week, i can safely say that it is a zone of what I think i'll call Perpetual Visual Screech. I don't know how people do it. It's too much. Exhausting for my head.
There's this constant implicit agenda: into the building: make your money, out of the building: spend it.
And it's easy enough. People do like easy...
And, not to deny you my little ponderous philosophical thought garnered from all this: money/financial gain is like evidence for the faithless. It's empirical, evaluable (word?), visible, and exchangeable.
For a wealth of goods that are Completely Fucking Useless.
I know. A Remarkable Talent for stating the Obvious.

If i ever needed more evidence of what part of the menu to look at (ingredients vs. cost), or whether to just stay home and cook, this is it.


JP said...

Are all goods that can be purchased with money completely fucking useless? Are they useless because they are purchaseable?

stef lenk said...

I don't know. But that reminds me of this comment a guy made in a university poetry class i sat in on , like, 12 years ago, where we were talking (of course) about impoverished poets etc, and he said "How good would poetry be if we could all make a living at it?"
I think about this often.