Tuesday, October 30, 2007

of the shameless flaunting of pants, bums bums BUMS, and a sweet bunnyhole of nostalgia.

What a fine evening it is turning out to be.
If not a collosal waste of self-absorbed time.

Researching picture books is, as indicated above, a sweet bunnyhole of nostalgia.
(GALES of laughter)
"Sweet Bunnyhole of Nostalgia"

Next on my list of discoveries (whilst avoiding the tedium of re-examining hundreds of photos of old toys and shop interiors) has been a series of photos of my astonishing trousers from days gone by. One of my many dead-end career aspirations.

And so, for your edification, and 'coz really, when the hell else will these photos ever see the light of...erm...computer screen, I post a bunch of gratuitous bum shots/exemplary apparel, made some years ago.
I would particularly like to direct your attention to the what-i-once-hoped-to-patent velcro bike-friendly arrows (on grey trousers below), which unhook and re-hook up to tuck your trouser leg away from threatening greasy bike chains.

Coco, if you are reading this, forgive me. There you are in Montreal, wondering, WHY Is your phone so silent. WHY?!!?
I know. But it's so close to bedtime, during these days of 3am rises. And so, here I am, cavorting around the internet, ignoring friends, phone calls, responsibilities, dishes, all in favour of this bloggy navel-gazing, and in the name of "Doing Work."
Ha. It's a wonder you put up with me.

Oz, if you are reading this, the moon boots have been gathering dust beneath my bed for many years. So do tell me it's not over.


JP said...

I'm surprised there's not a picture of my bum there. My bum in some non-black pants.

stef lenk said...

geez, i'm out of practise with blogging, my settings are off and I just got this comment now!
Yer bum nearly made it, nearly made it in. In fact, you're right!