Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the crippling tedium of naming things.

I have been pondering names for a new blog, and have come up with Nothing. Would that I could start one and think of a name later, but, in blog-world, you need a name to have an address to have a blog, so one needs to start at the very very beginning, unlike many projects of a creative and/or whimsical nature. This is funny and interesting to me. It's not a natural way for me to start a project, I've realized, much as I wish it was. Defining/titling something before it has been born makes no sense, and is literally crippling.
So...I guess i'll just procrastinate my way towards a new one here on tea and symphonies. Sigh.

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Milton said...

You could give it a 'work in progress' name, and then give it a proper name once you have one.