Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rue Morgue, Issue 79, page 50

So quite a while back now i was approached by a columnist at Rue Morgue about possibly doing an interview/column on my graphic novel project. It was been held off and held off due to my own drawing/printing schedule, but, bless the columnist, was done in a 24 hour blitz about three weeks ago (deadlines, ever deadlines, for everyone!) to appear in the pages of the upcoming issue, on newstands Monday (i think).
I picked up an advance copy earlier this week, and I was all set to let my ego off it's not-always-efficient lead and post it and sit back proudly and feel clever and important, but i actually find myself having a rather odd reaction to this.
I've never had anyone interview me, and the most discussion I've ever had with strangers about my book project I've had in far-from-perfect french in Angouleme earlier this year.
(Funny how discussions in foreign languages are not-quite-real and therefore far-less-threatening. Just like books I suppose.)
The article is flattering, but I think what's strangely unsettling about it is that it seems like the columnist has been better able in many ways to describe my project than I am. It's also a whole lot of information, all on paper, in someone else's magazine, to be (possibly) read by people who don't know me.

I'm really bothered by the fact that I'm not able to just explain in simple terms stories that i would like to tell with pictures, and when I try to, the explanations sound cheesy and lame. Which, perhaps, they are. I'm not a writer by trade, of course. But the ability to put things into words is frequently my default method of attaching worth to them.
Which, of course, makes these books...yes.

Not to mention my ever-keen awareness that they are not "marketable", and therefore become a huge time/energy investment for...what? (beyond my own self-absorption)

Anyhow. I'm going to post the article here. Kind of 'coz I'm proud, and kind of 'coz it will be helpful for anyone who arrives at this blog via my visit to MoCCA next week, and might generate more interest in the books.
And for posterity. 'Coz i like posterity.

One thing that is quite important: Next to the title of the book it says "Coach House", implying the books were published there. Much as it would be lovely to have this affiliation, this was not my doing.
I thank Coach House in all my booklets 'coz i used to work there and I love them; but they print them; they aren't my publisher. I am very small fry.

Also, I SPELL MY NAME ALL LOWER CASE, DAMMIT. It is very overwhelming to have two capital letters on a name comprised of two four-letter words. And despite this being whimsical and stubborn, it is MY stubborn whim, and i feel this is one instance where I should be accomodated.

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