Thursday, May 29, 2008

the Withdrawal Method

And congratulations go out to mister Pasha Malla, whose launch tonight was an Immense success, not to mention the "after-party" sojourn at Cadillac Lounge, where friends karaoke'd Paula Abdul for him as a hats-off to those inspirational teenage years.
As TINARS is, much as the acronym states, NOT a reading series, Pasha graced us this evening with tales from his childhood, (instead of reading from the book, which comprises more "adult" content than may have been intoned) and some excellent samples of early writing and artwork. The prose was true to form, with two sheets of poetic brilliance ending the presentation: My Feet Smell and You are ugly, written at the tender age of 15 (?) obviously at an early peak of his career.
Well, before "The Withdrawal Method" that is, which now will grace my brain and then my bookshelf. Very Cool.

In honour of the launch tho', where there were in fact a series of writers reading their juvenalia, I (of course) came home and dug up a bit of my own prosaical treasures. The below was written at the age of 9 or 10, and was the outline for an epic story of one man and And tho' I also have stacks of completed works, this skeleton will no doubt furnish me with brilliance for years to come, when The Details dry up and I have nothing left to say. (click on image for full size)

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