Friday, May 16, 2008

of dairy products, inappropriate web browsing, and gay men.

This morning I got the "you are restricted from viewing this site until further notice" when I attempted to open a blog entitled "" via my work computer. The restriction given was "adult content". And though I am not home to see what's so racey about said dairy products, I was amazed that a hunk of brie and some smoked gouda could possibly be found contrary to the tenets of the motherland broadcasting corporation.*

Though this does bring me to the topic of attractive gay men and cheese.
There is some preternatural connection between the best cheese shops in Toronto and attractive men, very often gay. It's true. Many's the thought of yesteryear when one of my best friends (homosexual by trade) and i invented the need for countless cheeses on a weekday, so he might more tactfully overture a leather garbed gentleman behind the counter of Cheese Magic.

Yesterday I went to a little cheese purveyor around the corner from me that I have been fearing for some time, due to light-walletedness, and the inevitable desire I would have to clean the place out. But dreams of a bit of bocconcini prevailed, and in I went.
To a Lovely and of course very Gay man (alas no leather, it was khakis, if i remember rightly, I suppose we've all matured a bit as we've moved to the west end) behind the counter.

I felt at home instantly, and of course spent everything I had on dairy galore.

*update: have visited fromageblog, and while the cheeses were titillating, it was only to the tastebuds. They were fully clothed.

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