Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I went to my blogger dashboard today in search of a draft of something, and found that they have a clever little "comments" list for postings with comments. And then i realized, with great dismay, that people have actually commented on more than a few of my postings, and I have most rudely not replied. Back in the day, blogger used to email me when there were comments. (sigh) How is it this no longer happens? Is it the economy? Is it vengeance from some errant technician who was offended at something I said? Is it, is it maladjusted settings? Oh dear.
Anyhow, i had a lovely meander through the last 96 (!) postings, and replied duly, so if anyone out there cares to know it, well, there you are. That's what happened. It's all clear from here.
Dear reader(s), bless your bloggy visits and procrastinatory ways.

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