Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Barely for the benefit of my other reader(s): on my very own reflection, for art's sake.

I was taking reference pictures of my reflection in a mirror yesterday (to draw from), staring into a mirror at something in the reflection behind me. I was interested to find out how small things in the background look when reflected in a mirror, and also where someone's (mine, in this case) gaze would have to be focused if they were looking in said mirror to see said background.)

I know.
This is my so-called life.

But I couldn't figure out how to do it sans camera, that is, so i would just see my reflection but not myself taking the actual picture. After much fiddling, I realized I just need put the camera where the mirror was, and look into the bloody camera lens of course.
THEN i did it (put the camera between me and the mirror) and what do i see in the mirror? A reflection of the digital preview screen of the camera. WITH the subject of the photo in it of course. Me!
It was all very scientific and fascinating.
Of course the results of the drawing of all of this remain to be seen.

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