Sunday, July 6, 2008

meta(for) metaphor

I need to draw an old dead guy for the second last page of this new booklet.
(sorry to give that away, but really, you have no idea who he is, do you? I mean, there was no old guy in the last one, was there? haha!)
Having a semi-conscious belief in hypersigils (tip of the hat to you, Grant Morrison) I have been feeling a bit hesitant to use any reference photos i have of my very accomodating friends playing dead to draw with. It seems inaccurate, and a just a bit too weird.

So a while back i decided I would use a picture of my father.
'Coz he's an old dead guy.
Of course I don't have any photos of him. So i googled him, and found a painting some lady did of him for some reason, and have been using that.

BUT HERE IS THE CRUX OF IT: I'm presently reconstructing the person who fathered me, in pencil, from a (female) stranger's portrait in oils that i found on the internet, and he's not even alive anymore.
To create a work of fiction.

It somehow feels like the most meta of metaphors.

(and not so far divorced from notions on a certain painting of the North I have just been reading about, Coco, oh, how it all falls into place!)

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