Monday, July 7, 2008

The Canadian North doesn't really exist in my mind's landscape; it's just not really in my personal geography. Last night, however, I had been ruminating on a recently read essay about the North and metaphor, the latter of which very much is in my geography, before I went to bed.
So one of my dreams, funnily enough, was this: i was reading a love story, where the actual goings-on of said entanglement (of which i remember nothing) were interspersed* with the story of an Arctic hunter who was obsessed with figuring out the most painless way possible to kill birds. It drove him progressively mad throughout the book, and when the story finally ended (the love story? the hunter's story? both?) there was a final page, which was a full spread of a drawing of thousands of fish beneath the water's surface swirling around each other, with a spear-fisher's hole on the ice's surface above them.

* just for the record, i do not like the word interspersed, but i'm too lazy to find a synonym right now. It is a badly constructed word, not pleasing at all.

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