Thursday, July 31, 2008

a bit more process.

I'm actually making an effort to not post my drawings as I finish them 'coz, really, what's the bloody point of putting a book together if you give out all the pages ahead of time? And one must be disciplined with one's petty obsessions.
But. I've had a bad week of clerical errors and waiting on other people and miscellaneous stupid interference interrupting my drawing time a great deal, so managing to conquer two spare hours this morning on a day I thought was lost to other things from the start was particularly fulfilling. One has to START with this stuff, you know. If you save all the drawing 'til after your admin and your design touch-ups and your stupid computer shit is done, well, you're done.
So behold, a quick photo of the fruits (in-progress) of my time. For those of you who have strayed to this blog from god-knows-where, hands are my FAVVVOUURRIITTES.

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