Thursday, July 31, 2008

I feel like i have to say something about it.

I guess it's expectations, but The Dark Knight, well...not as well written as I had hoped it would be. Christopher Nolan, you too, smited by toy-budget excess into careless editing and such. Well, maybe not careless, but it was just a whole lotta the same thing, felt like. Didn't dig too deep below the surface like Batman begins. And all the Two-Face stuff just kindda arrived on the scene and then blew up in the last 20 minutes, which was kind of lame. Anyhow. It was good (if not superlative), the evening was the event I had anticipated, complete with motor(bike)-chauffeuring and an excess of popcorn'n'chocolate, alll gooodd....i blame "expectations". Hideous, life ruining "expectations". If me and "expectations" ever meet in a dark alley, well, i'll give'em WhatFor, i tell you.
To end on a better note though, Heath Ledger, who I normally could care less about as an actor... HO.LY.FUCK.

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