Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nocturnal fantasies fulfilled with a quick google.

Last night i dreamt i was taking a road trip on my ("my") vintage red Norton, and i had to stop at a gas station to inflate the tires, and one of my friends was sitting in a nearby diner and I went in and sat with him and he read me poetry.
The only interesting ("interesting") thing about this dream might perhaps be its vague insight into my cultural schizophrenia. But. BUT. I woke up this morning and googled "vintage red norton"...just 'coz...and found THE BIKE OF MY DREAMS. THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE GREATEST MOTORCYCLE EVER. SWEET FUCKING CHRIST.

I haven't been able to focus all day.


Anonymous said...

Nice bike!!
But you by far are much dreamier!!!

Boy sighs while clutching a forlorn heart....

stef lenk said...

ooookkkaayy. Flattered as I am,'fess up now. Who was this. I don't know any boys who would use the word forlorn (alas!)

Anonymous said...

No miss, you do not know me at all, I have one of these blogs and live in Toronto.

Also working late at the office every night I was reading blogs of my fellow Torontonians, I could not help but notice your picture.

I just thought you looked pretty in your picture and figured there is no harm in a anonymous statement of your dreamyness.


stef lenk said...

Okay, uh huh. I guess...Stacey May? Excessive, honestly.